Berzerk Ball App Review – The Sweet Pleasure of Smashing A Geek

So, really, how far can a geek rocket across the sky after being violently smashed? In real life, probably not very far. But in Berzerk Ball it’s up to you. In this simple game of both precision and luck, it matters how you hit and with what you hit along with the given fact that you’ll be hitting a geek.

If you’ve ever been on an online flash game website, you’ve probably seen and played games that have you hitting something as far as you can while trying to land on path-lying objects to propel the object even further. Even on the iPhone, there are similar games. Though these games can get boring if they lack variety, Berzerk Ball certainly does not. It’s got everything from multiple characters, purchasable hitters, leveling up, a whole lot of humor and a bunch more.

Hitting the geek is done using two gauges that control height at which you wish to hit and the power. At the beginning of the game, the pin in these gauges moves very quickly making it difficult to effectively hit the geek, however each time that you level up from the experience points you get for each hit, you are given two points to allocate in one of three categories: power, accuracy, and control.

Every time that you hit the geek, along with experience points you’ll get money which can be spent on items in the shop. These include weapons used for hitting which are always an upgrade from the initial, crummy flyswatter you star out with and other items used for increasing stats and such.

Yet another thing that changes each time you restart to attempt hitting again is the environment. The sky will change and also the items found within that level will somewhat change. These along with the cartoon artwork are a great addition to the game keeping things fresh.

As mentioned, the game has tons of humor. Just hitting the poor fellow seems to manage to always receive a grin from me, but along with that the guy is constantly going off with insults to the game, insults to you, and just other funny statements. It’s pretty far-fetched that after he bangs into the ground about a hundred times leaving a puddle of blood each time, he gets up and just starts rambling on again but that’s just the beauty of cartoon games!

I especially like the multiple characters that you have access to which each have different abilities. With just one of the first guys I was able to get past 200,000 feet, so I can only imagine how far I’ll be able to get using the later-unlocked, more hardcore characters. Speaking of unlocking, there are also a whole lengthy list of achievements to achieve which most definitely add some more potential playing time to the already huge amount of replay value because of the endless genre the game is classified into.

There’s no other better way to spend your $0.99 on if you’re looking for a quick time-waster that will probably suck you up for hours. The developers have nailed this one in every way possible considering that every aspect making a game enjoyable is included. Berzerk Ball easily fits into my favorite endless games folder that I have.