App Review: Last Knight Takes First for Most-Deserving Endless Runner

If everyone had a nickel for each of the endless runners that the App Store currently hosts, the whole world would be crawling with richness. Simply said, there are more endless runners for iOS than one could possibly shake a stick at. From dangerously running across the rooftops of buildings, to chilling escapes from hoards of angry primates, it seems every corner of the App Store houses an app in which players are desperately running away from something. The premise has been almost too commonly used today, leaving the factors determining such an app’s popularity up to its content and graphical style. Last Knight ($0.99) shows how much potential there is, yet, to the endless running genre with its incredible visuals and content value.

Publisher Crescent Moon has been at the helm of many titles that prove to be formidable opposition to their competitive App Store counterparts. Last Knight is nothing short of marvelous. Bouncing back to the medieval times, the game poses you with traversing through multiple environments with hopes of going as far as possible.

Powered by Unreal Technology, the game bursts with color and environments that ooze with style, polish and character. Although it’s not too realistic, the game utilizes Unreal Technology to its optimal potential, evident by the game’s crispness through its environments, animations and character sprites.

The game takes the endless runner genre a step forward with the integration of a full-fledged story mode that challenges the player through six different environments, each boasting three levels and further three checkpoints. Because you’re the last one capable of doing so, your ultimate goal is to rescue the princess. You’ll jump across narrow chasms, cross bridges, avoid colliding into obtrusive trees and encounter fantasy enemies which can be jousted to death. This game mode is incredible, to say the very least, considering it’s a major determinant that sets Last Knight apart from the countless amounts of clones, which simply differ by artwork.

For those who have played an endless runner, which is literally everyone, the controls in Last Knight will be fairly familiar, however, with a slight learning curve involved. Swiping to the left or right shifts your horse to the left and right; swiping up will propel your horse into the air to avoid ground-blocking obstacles; and swiping down will ready the knight’s lance to joust enemies. Although they’re intuitive for the most part, the game failed to register a few of my right/left swipes more than once. This is was often the cause of death, and it proved to be extremely annoying after some recurrence. That aside, the controls don’t require much to get completely adapted to, and they’re executed mostly well.

Despite its minor flaws, Last Knight is yet another addition to Crescent Moon’s extensive lineup of App Store leaders. Without many personal qualms, the game is a great addition to the endless runner genre and is surely deserving of your dollar.

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