Angry Birds iPhone Case Competes For Most Hideous Apple Accessory

Even the biggest Angry Birds fan will want to stay away from this blinged out iPhone case. Not only does the bedazzled exterior look uncomfortable to hold to your ear, but the HUGE 3D Angry Bird protruding out the back has me at a loss for words. It looks like something Elle Woods would carry in a Legally Blonde sequel. Okay, maybe not the best reference for an iPhone site, but even the biggest Apple fanatic will want to take gander at this hideous accessory. It’s kind of like looking at a car wreck. You won’t be able to take your eyes off of it.

If gaudy, unpractical Angry Bird bling is your thing then head on over to Etsy to place an order. The Swarovski diamond hard back iPhone 4 case will only set you back $200! Now that is enough to make any flightless bird angry!