Alleyside Daily #8 Christmas Edition: Steve Jobs’ iPad, Phone Tree, Santa Games & Tracker, AppSanta Giveaway ($150+ of Apps!)

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The goal is for one article to provide everything you need to know about iPhone 5GS while also hyping up an amazing new time travel app and an indestructible case, along with everything in between – first. In addition, our seasoned editors’ knowledge adds insight. Interviews, giveaways, and special guests are coming very soon down the line. Keep in mind that the concept is very much still in “beta,” so we’ll need your help shaping Alleyside Daily into the ultimate collection of daily iOS information.


|News Headlines

Supposed iPad 3 Launch Date is Febrary 24th – Jobs’ Birthday
Nikhil: Because it’s not confirmed in cement, take this rumor with a grain of salt
Michael: I’ve got my salt shaker ready.
Nikhil: According to Focus Taiwan, an Asian publication, Apple is prepping to release the iPad 3 on the date of Steve Jobs’ birthdate: February 24th
While it does seem possible, there’s no actual evidence to support the rumor
Michael: Would be a nice commemoration to him. Perhaps even add some sort of Easter Egg in the Settings or menus.
Remembering Steve Jobs.
Some employees may work overtime on New Year’s to make this possible if true.
Nikhil: It would be, along with that museum that we dreamt up in one of our previous Alleyside Dailies!
The Thunderbolt MacBook Pros were released on Steve’s birthday this year as well as the Safari 4 beta in 09.

iOS Magazine Subscriber Numbers Increase Due to Newsstand
Nikhil: Apple may have been planning their Christmas present for publications earlier in the year when they launched Newsstand
Michael: Apparently organizing magazine and newspaper subscriptions into one convenient, organized space leads to more sales.
Who’d have thunk it?
Nikhil: Apple of course!
Michael: Popular Science has multiplied their subscription numbers, about quadrupled, since the addition of Newsstand.
Newsstand makes subscriptions easy, and ease of use = more sales.
Nikhil: The pure magnificence isn’t the fact that their sales grew 13% the first week, but rather that they continued to grow immensely afterward

Boy Hacker Uses Apple’s WiFi Network to Play Humping Storm Trooper Video on Every Apple TV
Michael: This next person uses his hacking powers for bad, not good.
Nikhil: We’ve seen little people (children) develop applications for iOS, but we haven’t seen any hacking prodigies? Can anyone name one, because I can’t
Except for today’s star of this topic
Michael: Sadly, he could at least have saved this for April Fool’s.
Nikhil: A little boy in the UK hacked Apple’s secret WiFi network at a local Apple Store to make each and every one of the Apple TV’s in the store show the popular Humping Stormtrooper video from YouTube
and he’s got a video documenting it!
It’s a funny little watch, especially with the additional kid humor stated at the end. We won’t spoil it for you but will instead embed the video. Check it out if you want a quick laugh! (edit: video was removed by the user)

Christmas Tree Made Out of Cell Phones Promotes Apple’s #4 Ranking in Environmental Responsibility
Nikhil: Christmas is full of gifts, love and makeshift Christmas trees made out of recycled cellphones?!?!?
Michael: 2,500 broken cell phones were put together to create a 15-foot Christmas tree in Vietnam.
Nikhil: A wondrous accomplishment
Michael: It took two weeks for 10 workers to put the display together.
Nikhil: US carriers used this event to promote their recycling programs
Michael: It is supposed to also serve the purpose of raising awareness about environmental responsibility.
In fact, Apple was beat out by HP, Dell, and Nokia in a Greenpeace environmental responsibility study.
Nikhil: Weird considering Apple has its own recycling program which even pays back
Michael: The tree will be auctioned off, with proceeds donated to charity.


Festive Dash
Nikhil: We’re going to feature two holiday-spirited applications on today’s special edition of Alleyside Daily, starting first with Festive Dash
Michael: A free game to pass over to your kids this Christmas!
Nikhil: Well…is it weird that I play it?
Michael: Or play yourself, jumping your way towards rescuing presents.
Nikhil: You’ll control three characters simultaneously: a snowman, an elf and a penguin each on separate tracks
They run straight, and will run straight into obstacles unless you don’t do something about it
Michael: It’s simple, festive fun with 7 levels.
Nikhil: Cheery artwork and completely free!

NORAD Tracks Santa
I’ve seen one tech-savvy small child, which was in one of Apple’s TV commercials
If you have a baby like that, you may want to check out NORAD
Michael: This next app will help make the holidays a little brighter for your kids as they are able to see exactly where Santa is this Christmas Eve.
Nikhil: Available for a buck, the application will give you a countdown timer which leads to Santa’s takeoff
Additionally, you’ll be able to play a game within called Elf Toss
Michael: You can view Santa on a map, see photos of Santa’s travels, read his stores, and send him a letter.
There’s an actual group of people (not elves unfortunately) responding to letters.
Nikhil: Overall, a unique and useful experience for your child
Michael: So for just $.99, this is one of the best ways to make the holidays more festive and add extra Santa magic.


2XL Spoke Nuevo Sonido Headphones
Nikhil: These next pair of headphones are the perfect pair to get you into the holiday spirit, even if Christmas is just two days away now
Michael: And even though Skullcandy is nothing but a mainstream, trendy brand.
Nikhil: Available cheap for $14.99, the headphones come in a red, white and green color scheme representative of the holiday season
Not on purpose, though
Michael: Great stocking stuffer for $15, some retail stores will carry it.
Nikhil: And it’s reviewed alright in many places
Not too shabby looking, not too shabby sound quality and cheap

Ivolution Top LP
Michael: For one of the most luxurious gifts you can give this holiday season, purchase an Ivolution case from Vaja.
Vaja is a renowned leather manufacturer, hand-making each case in Argentina.
Nikhil: Ahhh just staring at the picture makes me really want to have some extra cash, so I can purchase one
Michael: It is like giving a piece of fine jewelry, but for an iPhone.
And people carry their iPhones everywhere, so why not give the best?
Nikhil: The color compliments the fine, high quality leather
Sorry, I’m still stuck on the look…so alluring
Michael: It’s available in practically any color combination, including a classic Christmas red and green.
Nikhil: Is overnight shipping available?
Michael: Find it under the iPhone section of their site for an “I love you” price of $95.
Nikhil: Hopefully, because this can turn out to be one killer of a Christmas present
Michael: No, they are each hand-made individually.
So the recipient will have to settle with a picture for Christmas but it gives them something to look forward to!

Nikhil: On behalf of the rest of the iPhone Alley team, myself and Michael would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas!
Michael: We are doing something very special for the Christmas season this year.
Nikhil: In light of that, we’ll be giving away over 50 promo codes for various applications
Care to explain the rules/ways of winning?
Michael: Our first annual AppSanta giveaway will be giving away over $100 worth of premium apps on both our site and Twitter.
So keep an eye on both from now until Christmas day.
Michael: Comment below and tell us what your favorite part of the holiday season is for a shot at a code for a game. We’ll email you if you win, so use a valid email!
The games we’re giving away are surprises of course, because what fun is unwrapping it for you?
Nikhil: I’ll just say that they’re some pretty great games – we even featured a few in our Best Games of 2011 lists
Nikhil: We’ve got multiple codes for each application, so your chances are high! Go tell your friends and comment down below!
Michael: Look out for AppSanta all-weekend beginning today! Happy holidays from all of us here at iPhone Alley!