Alleyside Daily #4: AT&T Gets Cold Feet, Jurassic Park, Cute Dogs, Christmas Cases, iPhone Cake

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|News Headlines

141 Merchants Arrested in New York City
Michael: The popo done iFound themselves iPhones
Stupidest intro line yet, excuse me
Nikhil: to give you that one
So multiple merchants were arrested the other day for purchasing what was believed to be stolen Apple products
This of course includes iPhones, iPads and all of the other merchandise
Michael: The merchants found stolen iPhone 4s and iPad 2s at newsstands, barber shops, and the like
Wow, they only paid $50-$200. That’s bulk pricing for ya
“If someone is offering you an iPad for way below market value, you have to realize that it’s most likely stolen.” Remember, kids.
Nikhil: Yeah, it’s not some sort of miracle
These devices have been stolen, and it’s a growing problem this year
Michael: 42 arrests in Brooklyn, 41 in Manhattan, 21 in Queens, 31 in The Bronx, and it goes on
Were these connected crimes?
Nikhil: I’m guessing so, probably one main company sitting up top managing everything
Just my two cents
Michael: Either way, they were used iPhones
Nikhil: But still were being sold for some major cash
Michael: Stolen right off of people using them in some cases
Nikhil: I’m not even sure how you can steal so many iPhones without being noticed until now…

Apple Possibly Working on a Wearable Computer with Siri
Michael: Sounds about right that watches should become digital sooner rather than later.
Nikhil: Yeah definitely should. The money’s in it for Apple
and I’d purchase one on top of my existing iPhone. They just sound like they’d be cool
Michael: Communicating directly with cell phones is a way to keep costs down and info connected, wearable accessories will become very mainstream soon for sure.
Nikhil: Although, there are other straps that can take care of that for the iPod Nano
Michael: Only a very small group of employees at Apple are experimenting with the idea.
Nikhil: Yeah, Apple recently hired a specialist on wearable technology like such
Not sure how quickly we can see a product like this. Any speculation?
Michael: Glasses with a screen built-in may be crossing the line, but again: possibilities!
I would have to say this is 2-3 years down the line
We already have some similar products designed for exercise monitoring specifically.
And Android users can look forward to a synced watch experience.

AT&T No Longer Purchasing T-Mobile
Nikhil: So after a few months of trying to purchase the inferior company, AT&T has finally withdrawn their bids
Michael: The AT&T/T-Mobile merger that would have changed the mobile landscape is no more, officially
Michael: Several government agencies saw the possible damage that one company having so much influence could do for consumers in the mobile space.
Nikhil: Yeah, so what I’ve seen, they negotiated something to deal with the concerns as well, right?
And AT&T faced loses too
Michael: Now, AT&T will focus investing in 4G LTE deployment rather than pleading for the merger.
Nikhil: Probably, so we will most likely see 4G LTE in the next generation iPhone as initially rumored
Michael: That seems to be Apple’s plan.
AT&T ends the merger mess by paying a pretax accounting charge of $4 billion to Deutsche Telekom.

Siri Has Musical Talent

Michael: The best part is how it works with any song in your iTunes library
Nikhil: Among all of the other things Siri can do, is this discovered by Yamaha today
Michael: Yamaha developed that themselves, I believe.
Nikhil: They got Siri to play their Disklavier piano
Yep, they did
Michael: The piano or interface connected to it really does all of the work
Siri just sends the iTunes song file via AirPlay
Nikhil: We’ll embed the video for better understanding, by the way
And then their replicating piano does the magic
Michael: Still, a cool demonstration. An example of a product that Siri can make look even more impressive.
I really can’t wait for Apple to create a full-featured developer API for Siri.

Siri Now Santa’s Assistant
Michael: I love that Siri ad. Very tastefully done.
Nikhil: Yup, airing yesterday, the ad shows Santa using Siri for everything that he would normally do Christmas morning
Michael: Apple has typically done Christmas-themed Mac ads.
This is the first I remember for the iPhone.
Nikhil: And I’d like to point out that many companies are resorting to Santa this holiday season, while usually it’s Coca-Cola’s norm
A bit off-topic, but thought I’d throw that in there
Anyways, it’s a really nice touch
Michael: Unique and memorable. Will go down as a classic iPhone 4S ad.
Nikhil: and it shows everything that Siri can do with a different light shone upon it
Michael: Christmas lights!

Off the Leash

Nikhil: Well, this is not quite released yet but was just announced the other day from Big Pixel Studios, makers of some of the best iOS arcade games, in my honest opinion
You’re basically in charge of a cute, little dog in a world where dogs have just been banished
Another twist on the classic runner, you’ll be running away from the doggie cops
Michael: It’s like Doodle Jump without jumping
Nikhil: Technically, yes, another twist on the same genre
You’ll pick up powerups on the way and will also collect coins which can be used in an in-game store that is packed with swag for the dog
Michael: Looks like it should be popular when it releases in January.

Jurassic Park (1)
Nikhil: This looks to be very good, although the hd version wasn’t rated too well over at Touch Arcade
But I haven’t played it
So I’m still leaning to buy it, but it’s unfortunately only available for iPad
Michael: Their problem with it was that the game’s frame-rate was inconsistent.
But it is good enough to be playable.
It’s iPad 2-exclusive but graphics and animations are superb.
Nikhil: I definitely liked the movie, is the game a good enough variant to not be a replicate of the original storyline?
Michael: It builds off of it, like a sequel/spin-off.
Nikhil: That sounds good
Michael: Lots of small novelties from the story too.
Nikhil: and from what I’ve heard, this is the just the first in the series, correct?
Michael: It’s a unique, 3D cinematic experience.
There will be four released over the coming months.
Counting this one, which is of course the first.
Nikhil: Should look good when the iPad 3 releases next year, if it is released with a retina display
Michael: It’s like Wii U gameplay if you have an Apple TV
With AirPlay mirroring, you can use the iPad as a controller and a second screen while playing on a HDTV.
Nikhil: Really want to try that, would be an awesome experience especially if I got it hooked up to my theater in the basement with surround sound, etc.
A game like so hopefully has a good, soundtrack to match the cinematic scenes
Michael: Graphics would be quite a bit better on a console if you plan to do that.
We’re not there yet where it can fully compare.
Still, it’s a different experience that some argue may capture the game better.
Currently, Telltale is running a holiday sale so its price dropped: $6.99-$2.99.
Nikhil: To whet your appetite, check out Terra Nova’s season finale tonight. Maybe a bit like Jurassic Park!
Michael: Telltale’s other excellent series are also all on sale for over 40% off, so give their selection a look.


Nikhil: With Christmas coming up on Sunday, we’ve got other options to gift to your fellow loved ones
In fact, a lot of options!
Michael: Overpriced Christmas designs.
Nikhil: Yeah, I was getting to that
They’re a bit expensive
But the designs are accurate of the festivities
Michael: You need to purchase by Tuesday to receive in time for Christmas.
Nikhil: Which is tomorrow!
Michael: Zazzle is offering 50% off 2-day and Express shipping with coupon code FASTSHIPSALE
Nikhil: If you don’t mind spending some extra money on your family members, you should really look into their cases
Some nice, bright designs available
Michael: At least there’s a Doodle Jump Christmas case.

Case-Mate Barely There Brushed Aluminum Cases
Nikhil: That looks really nice in the pictures anyways
And Case-Mate is known for some really well-built, aesthetically-pleasing cases, so I’m sure it’ll live up to its looks
Michael, you want to tell us exactly what it is? Design, materials, etc.
Michael: The back is a nice brushed aluminum
While the sides look to be plastic for the sake of attenuation
It’s a SSS: stylish stocking stuffer.
Suitable for both sexes.
Also available in 5 colors.
Nikhil: A guess another option. Expensive, but better looking than the other cases that we posted about
Well, it’s as expensive as the others, if not cheaper
And is available in a red, the ideal Christmas color
Michael: But order today for guaranteed Xmas delivery with coupon code UPGRADE2011
Nikhil: and you can definitely count on Case-Mate’s Barely Today series to keep your phone safe
Michael: iPhone 4 and 4S, all models.
$40 but it’s a sophisticated look.

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