Alleyside Daily #1: Kinectimals & OnLive on iOS, Smartphone Marketshare, New Beginnings

iPhone Alley introduces a brand new way to stay up-to-date on all things happening in the world of iOS. Alleyside Daily is a roundup of news headlines, applications, and products delivered in a unique IM-style, opinionated format. The goal is for one article to provide everything you need to know about iPhone 5GS while also hyping up an amazing new time travel app and an indestructible case, along with everything in between – first. In addition, our seasoned editors’ knowledge adds insight. Interviews, giveaways, and special guests are coming very soon down the line. Keep in mind that the concept is very much still in “beta,” so we’ll need your help shaping Alleyside Daily into the ultimate collection of daily iOS information. (A few weeks, probably even a few days from now: Alleyside Daily will be quite different than the below.)

|News Headlines

Android and Apple Continue to Dominate

Michael: As Android and Apple continue to dominate the U.S. smartphone market, RIM and other smartphone manufacturers have made moves to reclaim lost market share.
Michael: iOS has a 29% smartphone marketshare – impressive but clearly outnumbered by Android’s 53%
Nikhil: Well only because Android has so many devices that support it
Michael: Android has an excuse though – free phones and a multitude of various hardware
Michael: Yup
Nikhil: Well the fall of RIM is inevitable, still
Michael: Windows Phone is at such a lonely 2%
Nikhil: Companies are/have been slowly making the switch from Blackberries to iPhones
Nikhil: Yes, proving our earlier point
Michael: It’s sad to see Palm at 1%, for sure
Michael: webOS should have been given more of a chance
Nikhil: and RIM’s Playbook completely got pushed out of the picture
Michael: But it’s had two
Michael: RIM has hundreds of thousands of Playbooks waiting in a factory
Michael: Firesale!!
Nikhil: Yup, they don’t know what to do with them
Michael: They actually expected to sell them
Nikhil: But it also wasn’t well received
Michael: Guess they saw the iPad as an indication of sales potential
Nikhil: the iPad and other numerous Android tablets have dominated that market

Apple Hires UI Designer Who Previously Aided in Mocking Up Siri Before It Was Announced

Michael: This guy is surely happier than ever:

Nikhil: Yup, he sure must be
Nikhil: They actually have a video.
Nikhil: As you can see, the guy almost perfectly replicated Siri and from my understanding before its public introduction, correct?
Michael: He either had to have had a source inside of Apple or designed it himself
Michael: Though Apple would have fired him for the video
Nikhil: That’s what I was thinking
Nikhil: Either some sort of affiliation with Apple or like you said an inside source
Nikhil: I’m just curious as to how exactly he did it

Apple’s Original Papers Auctions for $1.35 Million

Nikhil: Amazing how papers initially estimated to auction for one hundred grand went for over a million
Nikhil: Well, it is Apple so it’s expected
Michael: They are indeed collector’s items
Nikhil: Yup, all three founding father’s, if you will, signatures
Michael: It’s like owning a true piece of history
Michael: Belongs in a museum, honestly
Nikhil: Yeah, I’d say so too
Nikhil: Personally, I think Apple should open their own museum
Nikhil: Have the first ever blueprints for everything
Michael: the Apple Store!
Michael: I know, I know
Michael: That is a cool idea
Nikhil: It would definitely attract tons of people
Michael: Perhaps a Steve Jobs Commemorative building
Nikhil: Maybe become a figure
Nikhil: Yup, that would be a great idea
Nikhil: Who knows, maybe that’s what Apple has got up their sleeves!
Michael: They may have plans for their new headquarters to have it
Nikhil: They didn’t have anything to really commemorate Jobs, so it’s not farfetched
Michael: Check out the bidder winning at $1.35 million! Kind of dry for such an expensive auction
Nikhil: Oh, they posted a video. Earlier, they didn’t have the person’s identity.
Michael: the winner still isn’t visible
Nikhil: Yeah, his voice is exactly that [dry]

Apple Reportedly Buying Flash Memory Company Anobit For $400 Million – $500 Million”

Michael: Apple already uses the Anobit’s flash memory in its products, sort of a no-brainer

Nikhil: Tim Cook’s first acquisition, notable of all things although there’s definitely more to that news, that’s what first popped out at me
Michael: Perhaps Apple is interested for the MSP20xx flash controller, which would give its products a memory speed boost over the competition
Nikhil: and then they could possibly sell rights to other companies, possibly
Nikhil: Although that’s not really their nature


Microsoft Takes a Step into iOS

Nikhil: So, Michael, what are your thoughts about Microsoft taking a step into iOS? I posted about their most recent addition to their expanding App Store lineup yesterday, which was a game. The post only reflects my point of view but is yours similar?
Michael: Well, Nikhil, to say this is a small marketing move for Microsoft would be insignificant
Michael: It could be, but it appears Microsoft has found its “Xbox portable” in the form of smartphones.
Nikhil: It was actually brought to my attention just a few minutes ago via Twitter by the developer of Cavorite that Microsoft has also released Viva Pinata on the DS. In the case that they’re simply looking for more exposure to present-day kids, it’s puzzling why they also released three other non-game, not-geared-towards-children applications last week.
Michael: They are smart enough to not overlook iOS and try to push the struggling Windows Phone platform
Nikhil: So, you basically agree with me?
Michael: In fact, the only area Microsoft knows how to handle correctly is its Xbox segment
Nikhil: Very true.
Nikhil: The Windows Phone has potential, but it just didn’t catch on like how iOS and Android did
Michael: App selection or lack thereof is its ultimate downfall
Michael: I do like the platform, but it simply does not stand up to the competition in functionality

OnLive Coming to iOS

Michael: Well, speaking of platforms
Michael: OnLive. Coming to iPad!
Michael: and iPhone
Nikhil: Yup, heard about that
Nikhil: Seems like it’ll be a big hit
Michael: In a word: excited.
Michael: Big news for iOS gaming
Nikhil: Being a gamer, you’d think I would’ve had past experience with OnLive but haven’t
Nikhil: What’s the subscription rate?
Michael: There is none
Nikhil: How does the whole thing work then?
Michael: For free, gamers can play free trials and purchase games without a subscription
Michael: There is a subscription option but the cloud service itself is free
Nikhil: Oh I see. Is there a multi-device sync available
Nikhil: Since you said the cloud
Michael: The subscription allows you access to a library of over 100 games – think Netflix
Nikhil: I’m assuming that if you buy a game on an iPad, you can play it elsewhere
Michael: Yup, play on Mac, finish on iPad
Nikhil: But I’m not sure how much developers could pursue OnLive
Nikhil: Personally, I hate 3D games for the iPhone
Nikhil: I know I’ve reviewed a few, and I’ve liked them, but they just don’t seem natural
Nikhil: I’m guessing that OnLive only provides 3D, FPS-esque games?
Michael: Any type of games
Michael: Surprisingly, there are 2D games as well
Nikhil: Why not just stick to the App Store instead?
Nikhil: Well, it depends on the price range
Nikhil: Dependent on the price, I guess any typical gamer could buy games from both the App Store and OnLive
Michael: Some 2D games are available as part of the Netflix-esque subscription
Michael: but that’s besides the point
Nikhil: I’m sure it’ll be received well
Michael: OnLive enables full console gameplay on iOS
Nikhil: Yeah, what about graphics?
Nikhil: And the framerate, etc.?
Michael: Everything in its library will be available to play with touch controls
Nikhil: So it’ll be geared for iOS essentially
Michael: That’s the thing: games are streamed, they actually run on OnLive’s servers and a video is sent to the iOS device
Nikhil: A video? So when you play, it’s actually being played elsewhere and a stream is being sent to you
Michael: surprisingly, graphics are good as long as they enable 720p resolution in the iOS apps
Nikhil: But if your internet connection sucks, then it’s too bad for you pretty much.
Michael: it sounds like games would be unplayable but it works, and has been working for months. response rate is low enough.
Michael: Yup, though you only need a broadband connection
Nikhil: I’d definitely like to try it out when it releases
Michael: 3G in fast areas would be good enough
Nikhil: But that would hog a ton of data I’m sure especially if you have a 2GB data plan?
Michael: LTE is a different story. AT&T and Verizon I believe committed to unlimited OnLive over LTE
Michael: So it should be a non-issue on the next iPhone
Michael: Unfortunately, Apple is taking its time reviewing OnLive for approval. Android users already have it but it shouldn’t long now for us barring Apple’s disapproval.

Applications of the Day

Michael: So, we’ve come to the part of ADC where we choose an app of the day
Nikhil: Well I found this free application for if you’re an all-around sports lover
Nikhil: In fact, I found it through that new app service that we posted
Nikhil: It’s called PlayUp, and it essentially provides you with tons of info about various sports leagues around the world
Nikhil: Ranging from American football to world soccer, which the latter is most appealing to me
Nikhil: It gives you match times, scores, etc. all in a very clean UI
Michael: Mine has got to be a game that is in the approval stages called ‘Infinity of God’ – a God of War clone
Nikhil: I actually heard about that but never got to check out any screens or anything
Michael: It looks quite good, it was created with Unreal Engine after all, plus I love God of War’s combat system. Win-win
Nikhil: Never played God of War, but the Unreal Engine sounds promising
Nikhil: Most Unreal Engine games have hit it big, although I can think of one that hasn’t quite


Photojojo’s Macro Lens Band

Nikhil: So, it’s always great to see the innovative products people come up with
Nikhil: This is essentially a rubber wrist band with a macro-capable lens incorporated
Nikhil: You simply snap it over your phone’s camera, it’s not restricted to the iPhone, and you can take macro photos of anything with an intricate design
Michael: So you don’t have to worry about dropping your iPhone?
Nikhil: Nope, not that. The wrist band is just to carry the lens around with you
Nikhil: It’s got a plastic cap over the lens that conceals it and prevents it from being damaged as well
Nikhil: Just like a Live-Strong band
Michael: Oh, I gotcha. It’s stylish to carry a lens on your wrist
Nikhil: Yup, it’s the new fashion of the day!
Michael: As long as the macro lens is more effective than the iPhone’s is, Photojojo’s is probably designed for even closer shots, then there’s a market at its price
Michael: of $15
Nikhil: I haven’t been able to get my hands on one but definitely would like to take it for a spin

Wrapsol Ultra

Ya know, I typically am not a fan of plastic wraps
Michael: I like the idea of them, but they become incredibly scratched quickly and can ruin a device’s look
Nikhil: Yup, I’ve had that happen before
Nikhil: You mean an invisible shield, right?

Michael: Wrapsol Ultra differentiates itself in one regard – drops
Michael: That sort of product
Michael: Spoiler: An iPhone with Wrapsol attached is dropped multiple times without receiving a mark
Michael: It’s kept pristine, and with the wrap on it’s the closest you’ll get to a naked, but protected iPhone look
Nikhil: You sure that it doesn’t peel, or get any dust?
Michael: I am sure it does
Nikhil: Because tons of promised, but none have really come through
Nikhil: Personally, anyways
Michael: It’s not omitting those caveats, but simply adds drop protection to the mix
Nikhil: Even though it’s not getting any scratches it surely has to get internal damage, right?
Nikhil: Just finished the video and apparently not
Nikhil: It’s just puzzling

Michael: Well, we hope the community enjoyed the first Alleyside Daily Chat.
Nikhil: Yup, join us again next time!
Michael: All of those things hold true – it will indeed be daily plus we are alleyside!
Michael: Let us know what you think in the comments.
Michael: We are still in the process of developing the finalized format, so come back to watch us refine ourselves through the next few weeks.