Age of Zombies App Review – The Age of Halfbrick is Once Again Here!

With so many apps on the app store, only four of them belong to Halfbrick Studios. However with two of these so far (Fruit Ninja, Monster Dash) this small game development company has reached a position that no other company of their size has! The two apps have pretty much remained at the top of the charts for months. And soon to be joining them (not yet but obviously, knowing them, it will) is their newest game Age of Zombies.

We’ve been following the game’s development closely since it was officially announced this September. All of the zombie-blasting fun that I’d been waiting for has been in my palm for the the past day and half now, and I have to say that I’m thrilled to keep on playing.

The game takes place in the view of Barry Steakfries. He’s pretty famous by now, but if you don’t know him, he’s an epic man that’s out to battle evil and was recently featured in the company’s second newest game, Monster Dash. You’ll play through the variety of different environments as you try to rid all of the prehistoric and prehistoric-er times of history of zombies.

The game starts off with a short scene that shows Barry making it into the evil professor’s lab right when the last of the zombies jump through a time portal. After a short, yet very humorous conversation, Barry kills the professor and jumps right into the portal along with the zombies to kill them and stop them from tempering with history.

When you first start the actual gameplay, the levels are pretty easy. Zombies will flood out of portals into the land where they’ll walk towards you. As you go around, madly shooting the zombies, different items will be available to be collected. You can pick up hand-grenades that will help especially when you’re cornered with many zombies around you, an SMG that will be a significant upgrade from your standard pistol in terms of speed, a shotgun that is much more powerful than the pistol, and others as you progress. You have a certain amount of lives that you start out with, and you must fend off the waves of zombies without completely dying. Adding onto the first sentence, the game’s levels get much more difficult later on and usually had me retrying multiple times before finishing them.

Age of Zombies falls into the dual-stick shooter genre with two left and right joysticks to control the main points in the game. The left joystick controls Barry’s movement while the other controls the direction and when he shoots. I have been pretty good at using this method because of the many apps that do to this day, however I would recommend making the joysticks a bit bigger making it easier for people with bigger fingers. Other than that issue, they’re responsive and accurate.

In each environment, there are multiple chapter sort of divisions that each start off a new phase and save. I’m not completely sure how many chapters there are, but considering the amount of environments, there must be a whole ton more. Also, even if you finish the story mode, there is a survival mode available where you see how long you can survive – this adds replay value to the game once you’ve completed the main portion. And there’s also Game Center like included in all of Halfbrick’s other games that will alike add some more time before the point where you can officially say, you’ve beat the game.

Names apparently mean nothing proved by this game’s title. No, not in a bad way. In the game, not only are there zombies, but there are a whole plethora of other creatures and ‘things’ that will make themselves at home when it comes to killing you. Stated by Halfbrick themselves the game features ninjas, mummies, cavemen and even the legendary Zombie T-Rex. And they don’t mean some ninjas, mummies, and cavemen. Nope, they’re serious when there’s no shortage of dudes to kill: there’s tons and tons of them! With each level new zombies are introduced tat oertain to the time period which makes the game a whole lot more interesting!

With the game, the level of humor does not fall short at all. The things Barry says for different situations are most of the time something to get you laughing if not smiling a bit.

The artwork seen in Age of Zombies is exactly like that of Monster Dash. Everything is bright and colorful with the same cartoon scheme applied to it. The quality of the rendering of all the sprites in the game is great, but the colors and the uniqueness of the way that Halfbrick designs their games is more so here. Usually I don’t notice sound too much, but I did while playing through this game: with each level the sound changes making itself fit along with the era. For example, the second environment which is an old town in the 1800s features a jazzy sort of music.

In terms of depth, premise, and controls the game is very much simple and easy to get a hold of. Everything involved with the game’s idea is pretty straightforward: you just shoot the zombies, dodge the zombies, and collect different weapons to use against the zombies.

There’s really nothing to be added that will make the game better. It’s already at its best which I would expect from this company because of my past experience with all of their games. They make it their job to make their game even better than better when they add things that aren’t needed but make the game a whole lot more enjoyable. If anything, I’d like to see some sort of shop where you can buy different upgrades, abilities, and looks for Barry which could be done in a semi-short amount of time. And something that could be done as a long-term goal could be a co-op campaign mode where you can play through the story online with friends maybe using Game Center.

Next to Samurai II and the other releases of last weekend, I’ve been obsessed with Age of Zombies playing it whenever one chapter can be squeezed in. With every zombie I’ve shot, every cavemen I’ve outwitted, the game gets more and more exciting! If you want to experience this kind of joy, I highly recommend dicing out 3 bucks and playing the game for yourself. It’s just one of those games that gets to you with your first look!

Once you’re done with Age of Zombies, look forward to Halfbrick’s next title coming soon Raskulls!