Aerox App Review – Marble Rolling Made Unbelievably Enjoyable!

Having waited for this game for months, I was satisfied to the brim once it came out. I made my move, and now it is on my iPod safely snug in the midst between my favorite applications. Synoptical Studios introduces Aerox for the iPhone and iPod Touch – A rather calming ball roller that takes place high up in the sky!

With Aerox you don’t just get any plain old marble roller. No, you get a fun packed, calming, marble roller with amazingly rendered artwork, a custom physics engine, and of course a whole bunch of platforming action.

The game will take you through a total of 30 3D levels filled with puzzles, obstacles, and a whole list of other things that will eventually get you going crazy.

Starting with the easily navigable menu, everything in the game is simply controlled. You control the ball or marble, whatever you want to call it, with the built-in accelerometer in your device. Further, you can control the camera angle by tilting the device like a steering wheel according to the angle you desire.

When each level starts, you’re greeted by a screen asking if you’re ready. One you answer the screen right, the game will start the timer and you are trying to get the best time from the starting position to the ending on. Like mentioned, there are obstacles everywhere in a level. Some might require pushing, while others could hurt you and push you off the edge. When this happens, you will have to restart the level all over. Only once you beat a level can you move on the next.

When you start off, the levels greet you with side rails to make sure that you don’t accidentally roll off the edge, and a comprehensive tutorial makes itself available to you. As you progress through the levels, they start to become much more difficult which is obvious as you will be forced to do more daring things, and you will have to complete a variety of different puzzles.

The physics engine is perfect in the game. It seems as if gravity has made its way into the game, take control of the ball’s falling motions. Every time the ball falls off a platform whether its down to its doom, or off to the next platform you get the feeling of a realistic environment: the physics is that accurate.

With my iPod Touch, I can’t say much about the performance. However, the game has been receiving good feedback in terms of its great frame rate, and the improved effects you get when using the iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 such as reflections of the sky when the marble/ball is in the right position.

Once you get the hang of the game, the 30 included levels really do pass by pretty quickly. I hope that, in the future, more levels are added along with new challenges to overcome. Also with my recommendations, I hope that maybe a “Randomly Generated Levels” mode can be added or even better, a level editor.

As soon as I started playing, the game became an instant gem. With the simplicity, the wonderfully rendered 3D graphics, and many platforming puzzles, Aerox is an instant buy for only $1.99! For everything that you get in the game, you really cannot go wrong with it.