Weekly App Store Gems – Utilities Edition

Every single day thousands of applications flood the the open doors of Apple’s App Store. Some are genuinely good while others are trash that someone has created simply to squeeze a few bucks out of, which causes many of the deserving applications to slip under the view of a casual App Store user. Therefore, in order to shed light on these underrated applications, iPhone Alley has begun to highlight any hidden gems hiding within the arsenal of applications the App Store currently hosts. Whether you’re the kind seeking a worthwhile game to waste some time, or you’re in search of an intuitive utility that bests every other, these weekly guides are your ultimate resource for finding apps that have slipped under the general radar of App Store users.




by Dropbox

This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad

For those who use their iOS devices to regularly check their email accounts, the factory-installed app for doing so just doesn’t cut it. While it’s got support for every single type of email service, the app is incredibly drab and lacks intuitiveness. That’s why, breaths of fresh air like Gmail’s native iOS app and Sparrow for iPhone have been doing exceptionally well among App Store users. The latter, however, since acquired by Google, has dropped continued support for iOS and will eventually fall behind considering the absence of updates.

Because of that reason, Mailbox, a free Gmail client, has been incredibly popular since its introduction into the App Store just a few days ago. The app relies on a time-management system that combines the premises of any old mail client with widely-known to-do app, Clear. Using gesture-based controls, the app allows you to quickly sift through your inbox providing a highly-organized way of archiving mail. You’ll be able to delete mail and set time-based reminders for an email with the simple horizontal swipe of your finger.

Mailbox offers push notifications for all emails. While it could arguably be annoying to receive a notification for every single email received, it’s easy to configure your settings via Notification Center.

Considering the large demand that Mailbox has received since its release, the app is currently taking users by a first come first serve basis. You’ll reserve your spot in line, and once there’s an inbox to accommodate your needs, you’ll be instantly notified. While you’re waiting, the app will display the number of users ahead of you in line and those behind you.

Clone Camera Pro

Clone Camera Pro

by Peta Vision

1.99 USD

Photo manipulation techniques can be incredibly interesting, but depending on your skill level with programs such as Photoshop or video-editing counterparts of similar robustness, they can also be incredibly difficult to get right. If you’ve ever seen something with multiple clones of a person, it can have quite a mind-blasting effect on you, and you’ve probably had the desire to create something similar of yourself. The truth is, to do it manually without aid would require skill and an investment of time.

For that reason, Clone Camera can prove to be an easy form of entertainment, with the ability to quickly create pictures featuring multiple instances of somebody in one scene. You simply take a picture of yourself, from the same spot, as many times as you’d like up to four. Then, you’ll be able to go through each picture and shade in the area you’d like to be cloned in the final result.

The application is incredibly simple to use, and it offers aid to make sure your pictures look incredibly realistic in the end. If you’re all alone, the app also includes the feature to take multiple pictures automatically in timed intervals.

If you’re looking for a worthy bundle of entertainment, $1.99 is hardly an accurate asking price for Clone Camera quality.