[iOS Game RDUP] New Games to Play This Week 3 – Jan 20

So many good new releases, so hard to narrow down the best – that’s the kind of week we like to have over here at iPhone Alley. Without a doubt, there were a handful of fantastic new releases that hit the App Store this week (one of them being the sequel to one of the most popular iOS games of all time), making this one of the strongest weeks for new releases since the inception of this feature. If this is a sign of things to come in 2013, we’re looking at a year that should be full of strong iOS games. Without further ado, here are the games you need to play this week.

Temple Run 2

If you have an iOS device, then you have played the original Temple Run. It’s the game that put the “runner” genre on the map, and now Imangi Studios is proud to bring you all new levels for you to run through once again. Sporting new environments, new obstacles, many more powerups, and unique powers for each character, Temple Run 2 is more of the same – but then again, who would have it any other way? This is the Temple Run you know and love with a new coat of paint, so take it for a spin and prepare for the hours to fly by!




Momonga Pinball Adventures

If you have been hungry for some pinball gameplay, yet you don’t want just any pinball game, then Momonga Pinball Adventures may be just what you are looking for. The game follows protagonist Momo as he begins a quest to save his tribe in this first episode of potentially many. Sporting nine outstanding, the game feels like a pinball board set in an large epic, open-world. While you are engaged in the pinball-like gameplay, you must battle enemies as the storyline unfolds further. Sporting a cast of interesting characters, unique levels such as flying levels, epic boss battles, and more, Momonga Pinball Adventures is exactly as it is described: pinball with a twist!


If a side-scrolling action game is more your speed this week, Gunslugs will certainly not disappoint. Complete with random level generations (meaning no two levels will ever be the same) and a cast of old fictional 80’s action heroes, Gunslugs tasks you with winning the war against the vile Black Duck Army. Offering an incredible soundtrack, a large variety of weapons, and unique levels that allow you to drive a tank and even fly a jetpack, this is a game that is as destructive as it is fun. And if you have been looking for a fun co-op game on your iOS device? Gunslugs is ideal as it also supports two player co-op!

Downfall: Clash of Factions

If you want a slower strategy game that you can sink your time into, then you may want to consider Downfall: Clash of Factions. Tasking you to rise through the ranks of your faction to become the Lord of War in a post-apocalyptic Earth, Downfall: Clash of Factions combines strategy, combat, and co-op gameplay as you attempt to take over the world. Whether you want to create your own faction or join an already established faction, it’s going to take a variety of strategies to become the Lord of War. From deploying tank battalions to attacking your enemies with stealth aircrafts and more, in Downfall: Clash of Factions, the most powerful faction rules the Earth. Fight your way to the top with ruthless aggression all the while defending your faction, and you may just have what it takes to rule the world! Sporting incredible retina graphics, this free-to-play title is worthy of your attention in every way.



For players that love playing shooters that support the gyro sensor, this is without a doubt the game for you this week! As you begin playing VECTROS, you will notice right away that the game looks very unique, and for good reason: it looks like a game that belongs in the Tron universe! However, VECTROS doesn’t just look god, it also plays great. Using your gyro sensor to control your ship that is flying through space, VECTROS keeps the gameplay challenging at all times as you move through space at light speed in order to destroy your enemies. Simple to understand yet difficult to master, VECTROS will challenge your reflexes.

Rise of the Blobs

If you need a puzzle game to fill your time this week, Rise of the Blobs is assuredly it. The story is ludicrous as waves of hungry robots are trying to eat the marshmallow protagonist Marsh Mal who is standing on top of a column in his attempt to survive the invading robots. To keep Marsh Mal alive, it is up to you to fill the robots with fruit and popping them in large chains. As is with the best puzzle games, Rise of the Blobs is easy to understand but has a level of strategy and depth that will keep you coming back for hours. If you want a matching puzzle game that is unique yet gorgeous to look at, you need to try Rise of the Blobs.




There you have it: six of the best games to release this week. It’s been a great year in iOS gaming so far, and even though the year is only getting started, it’s already starting to look promising. As always, we will be back next week to bring you the week’s best in iOS gaming!

Written by Dusty Wright, formatting by Michael DeLisi