YouTube Launches New App to Easily Record & Publish Footage

Part Most of Instagram’s well-known popularity and success came directly from its easy-to-use interface that can make just about any picture enticing without the user having to work up even a drop of sweat. With the app exposing the huge market for such social networks, tons of developers are having a go at gaining the title of the “Instagram of video.” YouTube, in conjunction with its parent company, Google, today released a new application that makes it easy for users to record and upload their videos to YouTube – undoubtedly another competitor taking a shot at the aforementioned title.

Dubbed Capture, the app is YouTube’s newest addition to its limited App Store lineup, and it was tailored specifically for use by owners of the iPhone and iPod Touch. Google notes that the app was designed with two aspects that were focused on primarily: speed and convenience of use. Therefore, the app is ready to shoot video as soon as a user opens it up.

Once a user opens the app, he or she will be able to immediately record footage of any length or choose a pre-recorded video from his or her device’s camera roll. After stopping the recording, the video can be tweaked and edited to perfection; the user can apply an array of automatic color correction filters, trim the video and add a personal soundtrack. You’ll also be able to tag your videos with your location, set a title, insert a description and fill in any of the other required/desired fields when uploading to YouTube.

YouTube Capture

YouTube Capture

by Google, Inc.

This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad

As we mentioned above, the app was designed for pure speed and efficiency. As proof of this, the app will automatically begin to upload your recorded footage to YouTube once you’ve finished the shooting process. This ensures your video is up and ready to be viewed by the public in the shortest amount of time possible. A downside to this aim of maximum efficiency is the fact that the highest resolution that you can upload as is limited to 720p. Although it’s a direct effect of trying to upload your videos as quickly as possible, it would be nice if the app allowed users to select from other resolution options including 1080p.

Too many good videos are utterly ruined nowadays. The cause? Users accidentally record in portrait mode, rendering the recorded footage almost un-watchable in that the video will be narrowly displayed in between two glaring, extremely obtrusive black strips. Capture aims to solve the problem by integrating a landscape orientation reminder, notifying you of your orientation whenever you begin shooting.

In an effort to be versatile and flexible, Capture has also incorporated the option to upload videos to other social platforms, including Twitter and Facebook.

Capture is another noteworthy release from Google, and the combined product of all of the aforementioned features is an incredibly usable utility surely deserving of your download. Check it out free for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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