Twitter Updates App; Raises Stakes in Photo Battle

This is a magical time for those on the Internet who want to post pictures with all sorts of special effects. With the release of a new version of Instagram, which offers a new design and new filters, it’s easier than ever to customize photographs on an iPhone. Now, though, Twitter has raised the stakes in the battle for users’ photographs.

The release of a new version of its iPhone app now offers not only photo editing capabilities, but filters, too. With the new update, users can avail themselves of some of the iPhone features that they’ve come to expect: pinch-to-zoom, crop, and the ability to automatically enhance photographs.

The available filters include Vignette, Black and White, Warm, Cool, Vintage, Cinematic, Happy, and Gritty. At first blush, these filters definitely make photos come alive, and they offer tweeters the ability to insert their personality into their pictures.

One might say the changes make it very easy to try his or her hand at photography by tweeting, adding a photo, and seeing what develops. No longer are users confined to Instagram if they simply want to give their photos a little flair. Of course, Instagram remains a wonderful app, but now users can keep their tweets completely internal.
Of course, all these changes mean that there is higher level of competition between Instagram and Twitter; no longer will Instagram photos display in a Twitter post, but a photo posted using Twitter will show within the tweet.

Because of this new competition, the users win. Users can sit back and watch Twitter and Instagram battle it out, which is something that they’ll do in the form of even cooler features. It can only get cooler (and more advanced) from here.

The updated app is available now in Apple’s App Store, and the response has been largely in favor of the update with users, appropriately enough, extolling its virtues on Twitter. Give it a try today and leave your comments with your thoughts on the update.