The Writing’s on The Wall for iPhone users

Mobile devices such as the iPhone are wonderful tools that allow users to quickly type notes. Sometimes, however, a user may wish to do something old-fashioned and actually write a note. Now that’s possible with MyScript Memo for the iPhone, and MyScript Notes Mobile for the iPad. Both apps are currently available through the App Store.

MyScript Memo is available free of charge. With it, users will have the ability to export to Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, or a preferred text application. Additional features include the ability to create “drawings, pictures and handwritten annotations,” according to the app’s iTunes page.

MyScript Memo offers recognition for 31 languages, including English, Spanish, French, Russian and Chinese. The app additionally offers the ability to organize notes through iTunes for use on a PC. Another advantage of the app is the ability to write a memo and then “liven [it] up with drawings, diagrams and pictures that you can move or rescale,” as the app’s iTunes page states.

With MyScript Notes Mobile, iPad users can easily jot down notes in either portrait or landscape modes by using either a stylus or a finger (the latter is best), but that’s just the beginning. Once the text is written, it can be converted into a document which in turn can be searched, shared and exported to Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox and e-mail, just to name a few options.

MyScript Notes Mobile projects can be saved as text, an image, or a MyScript file, which can then be organized and stored through iTunes.

The app offers a plethora of useful functions, such as the ability to tap and hold a word, copy it and search with various notebooks, or on Google. A user can also find the definition of a word using this method. Additional features include AirPrint support, which allows easy printing of notebooks, and the ability to not only import a PDF document, but notate it with a user’s own handwriting.

MyScript Notes Mobile offers 32 languages for handwriting recognition, including U.S. and U.K. English, Dutch, German, Greek, Hebrew and Russian.

User reviews were generally kind to the app on iTunes. One user, using the screen name “Live And Grow,” wrote, “Notes Mobile is similar to the other handwriting apps insofar as it does not have the typing capability. In addition, though, it has the ability to recognize handwriting, convert it to text, and export the converted material.”

Another user, identified as “J86C,” wrote, “Overall, I really like this app and it does exactly what I want it to do.”

A free version of MyScript Notes Mobile is available, and the full version normally costs $7.99. However, the application is available for a sale price of $1.99 until December 31, according to the app’s iTunes page.

In order to convert documents on a device, a user must purchase the paid app. Otherwise, documents are converted on MyScript servers.

[via: Cult of Mac]