Slide Releases New Photo Sharing App For the iPhone

Slide’s free app is out of beta and available for iPhone owners to download via Apple’s iOS App Store. The new photo sharing app is being described as “Instagram meets Piictu, with a bit of Twitter thrown in,” or as the tagline reads “plant a photo, watch it grow.”

Users can upload various pictures to Photovine’s “vines” which are basically public picture collections under various tags like “cats.” You can start your own vine, “Like” other photos, and share them with family and friends on Facebook or Twitter.

I’m not sure why Google, Slide’s parent company, thinks people need a public photo sharing app for the iPhone. Who likes to spend their time looking at pictures taken by strangers? Or who wants to use a second app to share photos on Facbook, when Facebook offers its own photo sharing service in the first place? Now you have to pretend you care about your crazy aunt’s cat on Facebook and Photovine! Count me out.

Maybe that’s why Slide decided to release Photovine for the iPhone and not Android. They wanted to watch it bomb on their competitor’s platform instead of their own?

[via Huffington Post]