Photo-Messaging App Snapchat Updated with Video & iPhone 5 Support

Even with the consolidation and downsizing of image sizes that the iPhone automatically does through text messages or iMessage, picture chatting isn’t too friendly, for long time use, to your limited data plan. To say the least, it’s an inconvenient, cumbersome task that isn’t in the least bit efficient. Quite awhile ago, an application was released that made photo-messaging as simple as taking a picture and sending it off to a contact. Dubbed Snapchat, the free app quickly rose to the top for its easy-to-navigate user interface and the undeniably fast time it takes to send a picture. With an update released today, Snapchat now offers video-messaging among with a slew of other exclusive, new features.

With Snapchat, the user can essentially send a picture conveying a message to a friend that will automatically self-destruct once the recipient views the picture. After a user-defined time, up to ten seconds, Pictures will automatically delete, rendering them lost forever and taking a screenshot will alert the sender – this keeps pictures (mostly) private. This process of messaging back and forth is the perfect way to share an experience with a friend through pictures, and the overall efficiency heightens the quality of the app.



by Snapchat, Inc.


Aside from the user-interface functions, the app was given a total visual revamp today with its 4.0.0 update and now offers a few extra, enticing features. Among the many new additions, users can now hold down the app’s integrated shutter button continuously to record video and send the footage to other users; the same rules for pictures apply for videos.

In a recently-conducted interview with Business Insider, Evan Spiegel, co-founder of Snapchat, said the following regarding the added support for video-messaging:

“For me, when we were using Snapchat we felt a little limited by photos because it makes it harder to share an experience.”

As we said above, the support for video was just one of the many brand new features that have been integrated and additions that have been made to the app. Others include:

  • Updated for iPhone 5
  • Tilt iDevice for Landscape Captions
  • Fullscreen Preview
  • New Settings: Control Who Can Send You Snaps
  • Improved Group Send
  • Integration with Address Book
  • Fixed Focal Length on Camera Preview
  • Faster Capture and Send

Snapchat has grown increasingly popular in the year since its initial, worldwide launch. A total of over 50 million snaps are sent back and forth each and everyday, which is considerably large. Personally, it’s a bit difficult to keep my mind out of the gutter when thinking about what the original purpose was, that Snapchat was built to fulfill. Regardless, it’s a wonderful app that is truly deserving of your attention especially considering you can download it completely free.