New History App Turns Your iPhone Into a Personal Tour Guide

The days of being stuck in boring group history tours may be coming to an end. Historypin is now available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

The Historypin app was created by the non-profit group We Are What We Do. It allows users to share historical pictures and info with other users by “pinning” photos and stories to a user-generated map. The app uses Google Maps and Street View technology to show you what an area used to look like by overlaying a photo on your live camera view.

For example, if you search French Quarter, New Orleans 19xx on your iPhone, Historypin uses your camera view to display nearby images of what the area looked like in that year. You can then select the image and overlay it onto the modern view of the location you’re currently looking at. It’s like having your own personal tour guide wherever you go.

Historypin isn’t just for traveling, it can remind you of what your old neighborhood looked like when you were a kid, or show you that mountain your dad claims he had to climb to over to get to school.

The app also allows you to digitise old photos by taking a picture of them. This helps you share your memories with other Historypin users and add to the Historypin user-generated map.