Madfinger Games Announces Another Stunning FPS at E3

By this point, everyone of you should have atleast one zombie game on your iOS devices. If not, you’re missing out on the exhausted genre of the undead which has been the feature of tons and tons of games currently on the App Store. Regardless of that, though, game development studios aren’t resting and are constantly churning out zombie titles. Madfinger Games, the creators responsible for the unprecedented, beautiful FPS game Shadowgun, have announced their next endeavor – Dead Trigger.

Even though I’m sick to my stomach of games involving the miraculously still-living dead, I’m willing to give the genre another chance because at first glance, Dead Trigger looks absolutely gorgeous.

Dead Trigger comes right on the heels of Shadowgun, Madfinger’s previous endeavor of aesthetic excellence. We adored the game in our review and had previously fallen hostage to the studio’s Samurai series which reeked of great artwork and kept us hooked for hours on end.

The game was announced last week and, taking the first-person view, poses you with blasting the innards out of hoards of zombies. Check out the trailer:

According to Dead Trigger’s promotional materials, the game will ship with evolving AI and physics that allow you to blast off arms, legs and heads.

We’re not quite certain when Dead Trigger is due out, but we sure are excited. Stay tuned for future developments.