iOS 6.1 in Beta; Release on the Horizon

Developers and other beta testers (those who have registered their device’s Unique Device Identifier with Apple’s developer program) are eagerly putting the beta versions of iOS 6.1 through its paces. While Apple has yet to announce a firm release date, all indications are that we can expect 6.1 sometime in January 2013. Version 6.1 Beta 3 was released about two weeks ago, and the anticipation for a full release is palpable on Apple-based user forums.

What features can users expect in the new version of iOS? Although there is no official list as of yet, the beta testing process has revealed some of the new capabilities users will enjoy. First, users will be able to report a bug within Apple Maps, a feature that may be in response to the beating that the useful app has taken in the past couple of months.

Another new feature will be improvements to the lock screen music interface, and of course users can expect the bug fixes that come with any update. Other features include general functionality updates, most notably changes to the iCloud setup.

When iOS 6.1 debuts, users will enjoy an additional security step, and they will be asked to confirm their Apple ID, and they’ll also be asked to confirm how they wish to be reached for iMessages and Facetime. Users will also be informed that they can modify these settings at will.

Those who wish to download music from iTunes over a cellular network will have the choice to do so in 6.1, based on beta version released so far (see image). Toggling the option makes it easy for users who have large data plans to download their music wherever they are, and those who have more limited data plans are not forced into it.

Movie buffs may find the ability to purchase tickets via Fandango through Siri to be quite useful. That capability appeared in prior beta releases of iOS 6.1.

Users can expect iOS 6.1 to appear with little fanfare, as Apple has a history of releasing minor updates with no prior announcement. But when the new version does bow, users will no doubt hungrily devour the update, upgrading their devices just as quickly as they possibly can.

Although there don’t appear to be any earth-shaking features that will be added to 6.1, there seem to be plenty of features that will keep iPhone users content until the next major release.

[Via: Cult of Mac]