Facebook Satisfies Users’ Need for Speed

iPhone users’ Facebook experience has been made even faster following the most recent update of its app, Version 5.53. The timeline is now native, and noticeably faster, as is the news feed. Uploading photos has become faster as well, making for a far more pleasant user experience.

Today’s speed upgrades eliminate the pause that some users experienced when loading their Facebook app, making for a more enjoyable experience that rivals that of desktop usage.

Perhaps the most handy feature for those who like uploading photographs is the ability to select a specific album to upload into from a user’s Camera Roll.

The most recent additions are the latest in a long line of updates that the Facebook for iPhone app has seen in recent months. Some of those changes include the addition of a sharing button, a Gifts feature, and an overall interface redesign. The changes will keep on coming now that Facebook has established a schedule for updates: every one to two months, a new update is expected to be released.

The most recent update of the Facebook for iPhone app is now available free of charge in the App Store. Within mere moments, users can install the upgrade and enjoy demonstrably faster Facebook browsing, and they’ll be able to more quickly like, comment and post to their hearts’ content.

They’ll even be able to upload that picture of their cat doing something cute directly into their “Cat Pics” folder.