Christmas Is Everywhere, Even on the iPhone

With Christmas walking up the sidewalk and getting itself ready to demand to be let in– much like rarely-seen extended family– what better time than now to mention some apps that can help make the Christmas spirit bright in an iPhone kind of way?


For many, a longtime Christmas tradition is watching the “Yule Log” on TV, which transforms one’s television set into a fireplace complete with Christmas music. As it has done with everything else, the iPhone has modernized that tradition in its own unique way.

Intimate Fireplace by Game Scorpion Inc. is available free of charge. With this app, users can choose from ten different types of fireplaces. A paid version is available for $0.99, which includes more fireplaces and the ability to enjoy authentic sound effects, such as the crackling of the fire, and charming holiday music. If users have Airplay Mirroring activated, they can place the fireplace on a big-screen television set.


Every holiday fireplace needs a Christmas tree. For that, there’s iChristmas Tree, by Kwan Suk Kim. For $0.99, users can create their own virtual Christmas tree and enjoy it right on the iPhone. Users select their tree, trim it, and resize it to their satisfaction.



For many, holiday drinks are a tradition. For others, they’re required just to get through the weekend. Whatever one’s reason for responsibly enjoying a little liquid holiday cheer, Christmas Recipes– Winter Drinks for the Holiday Season by Mario Guenther-Bruns allows users to “Spoil yourself and your beloved ones,” according to the app’s iTunes page. It is available free of charge.

The Christmas Recipes app offers instructions for whipping up over 14 drinks, including various flavors of coffee, punch, champagne and wine; just to name a few.

Never let it be said of the Angry Birds that they aren’t in the Christmas spirit. Angry Birds Seasons is a $0.99 app from Rovio Entertainment Ltd. that, as the name suggests, puts the infamous irritated foul in a Christmas setting, along with scenes from holidays past. In fact, there are more than 300 levels to keep a user busy while waiting for that Christmas feast, or the call to bound down the stairs in pursuit of presents.

Finally, what holiday celebration would be complete without music? That’s where Christmas Music– 10,000 Free Songs, by Zaggle, Inc., comes in. Users can pick from “from thousands of FREE and LEGAL holiday songs,” according to the iTunes page for the app.

True to its word, the app allows users to select from such songs as “O Holy Night”, “Jingle Bells”, and “Winter Wonderland” among many others. Users can share suggestions with one another, allowing one to share in the holiday spirit through the iPhone, which ought to be enough to warm even the coldest iPhone fanatic’s heart.

Of course, these are just some of the many holiday-themed apps that are available. Through these apps, a user can set up a tree, play some music, occupy themselves until it’s time to start the festivities, and even enjoy a drink to help them enjoy or get through the holiday, as the case may be.

From all of us here at iPhone Alley: have a pleasant holiday weekend. Whatever you do to celebrate the season, please do so safely and responsibly. To you and yours, have the merriest of Christmases… or whichever holiday you celebrate.

Written by Mike Crook, edited by Michael DeLisi.