Can’t Find the Gift You Need? New App Tells You

With Black Friday a little less than a week away and the holiday shopping season about to swing into full gear, a new app is hoping to make the job of holiday shoppers a little bit easier this season., now available for the iOS is an app and service that helps shoppers track down hard to find items.

As stock levels for many products are already wiped out or beginning to dwindle at online and brick-and-mortar retailers, this sort of leg up in the subsequent search for these products may prove invaluable to many. Instead of frantically running from store to store or repeatedly checking retailer web pages, shoppers can let do the hard work for them. The service monitors countless retailers’ stock levels and immediately dispatches a notification to its users when the item they’re interested in becomes available.
The service has reportedly already had a strong response from users who are utilizing to track some of this year’s hottest gifts, such as the nearly impossible to find Nintendo Wii U, the latest incarnation of the perpetually in-demand Elmo toys (Elmo!), the newly re-introduced Furby toys, hot video games like Call of Duty and Halo 4, and more.
The app is free and so is the service (and is advertisement-free to boot), leaving users with little reason not to accept some much needed help in the shopping frenzy that lays ahead.
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