All Developers: Join iPA’s Free App Rewards Promotion System

Developers of all categories and sizes:

iPhone Alley is offering free app promotion!

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In light of iPhone Alley’s upcoming relaunch and the amount of inquiries that the site receives to promote apps, we are enthralled to announce that we are undertaking a new venture that will reward both readers and developers alike.

We are launching a system for readers to collect “iPA Points” through visiting the site and interacting with the community. Once readers fervently build-up their points, they will be able to use them towards apps in a non-profit storefront. We will enable various ways for readers to redeem points for apps using codes provided directly by developers including an upfront purchase, auction-style bidding, or a gamble-style system. For maximum exposure, we recommend setting a low point value for lesser-known apps to be purchased upfront while more prominent brands are recommended for latter options.By having your app featured in our “iPA Points App Marketplace,” the thousands of readers exploring the storefront will be exposed to the app’s description and gallery (as well as any articles written about the app on the main site) while also building word of mouth. We anticipate at least 2,000 members (as a low estimate) actively browsing each month as well as storefront promotion that reaches hundreds of thousands of readers.
As a side note, rest assured that the storefront will be fantastic-looking and fluid, making browsing an enjoyable experience for readers.
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